The World Tourism Forum Lucerne is a non-profit Swiss-based institution, which has evolved from an initiative taken by the Tourism Forum Lucerne, Lucerne Events and Lucerne Hotels. 

The Institute of Tourism of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the School of Business as well as the University itself have played a leading role in creating the Forum and continue to serve in an advisory capacity. Since its launch in 2009, the Forum has become a year-round network of leaders and decision makers tackling global problems in the tourism industry.

Board of Directors

The World Tourism Forum Lucerne is an independent organisation led by a board of directors based in Lucerne, Switzerland. This board relies on the support of an advisory board to ensure that the activities, topics and programmes addressed are consistently of a high quality. The board's network, expertise and international composition are of central importance in maintaining the Forum's exclusive reputation.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is an international body of renowned experts which is responsible for assuring the quality of World Tourism Forum Lucerne. It determines the themes for the Forums and decides on the general content by including current global topics and addressing cultural differences.


Ambassadors are the official representatives of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne for specific regions and are strategically key people for the World Tourism Forum Lucerne team. Ambassadors contribute significantly to the Forum’s success by helping management reach their goals, and promoting the number of foreign participants.

Forum Team

Following the guidance of the CEO, the Forum Team is responsible for the organisation and coordination of the Forums in Lucerne and other side events around the world: