Start-Up Innovation Camp

Innovation is a major force for growth and development, ensuring competitiveness and providing the ingredients for lasting success. With the Start-Up Innovation Camp, World Tourism Forum Lucerne is seeking for the most innovative business models from around the world to capture this potential. 

Young entrepreneurs are invited to attend a full-day workshop in order to grow in their roles as business leaders and to receive valuable advice from experienced coaches. This provides a great opportunity to establish valuable contacts within a high-ranking audience and to push innovation to the next level.

JOIN OUR Start-up Innovation Camp 2017: 

The submission period for the Start-Up Innovation Camp 2017 is now closed. The finalists will be announced on the event website beginning of April 2017. 

Are you interested in the innovation platform of World Tourism Forum Lucerne? Get in touch with us and join us as we put innovation at the core of our agenda. 


Start-up Innovation Winners 2015

The opportunity to present our business to top executives from all around the world is priceless.
— Hai Ho, Founder of the Start-Up

Start-Up Innovation Partner 2017