World Tourism Forum Lucerne 4 - 5 May 2017

After an exciting day with Side Events for CEOs, Ministers, Professors, Young Talents, Next Generations and Start-Ups, 500 participants from over 75 countries gathered for the grand opening of the 5th World Tourism Forum Lucerne in Lucerne, Switzerland on 4 May 2017. Under the topic "Stay relevant in uncertain times" the Forum focused on how to stay successful in the face of changes and challenges in today's often turbulent times. The Forum attracted top decision makers such as Simon Anholt who has already advised more than 50 countries on their "Competitive Identity"; best-selling author Dr. Jason Fox on how to achieve more meaningful progress and Rasoul Jalali, General Manager Uber.

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Our Vision

The World Tourism Forum Lucerne is the leading interactive platform in the industry, where CEOs, Ministers, Academia, Finance, Start-Ups, the Next Generation and Young Talents become a strong community addressing the future challenges of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry and shape a more sustainable future.

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It was a successful Forum attended by luminaries around the world and showcased one of the finest hospitality and receptions in the world.

I was very much taken by the spirit and the constructive atmosphere of World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2017, allowing views and opinions to be shared freely.
— Teo Ah Khing, Chairman Desert Star Holding

Our Mission

  • We learn from others by drawing parallels.

  • We concentrate on innovation, talents and sustainable development as tomorrow's drivers.

  • We understand travel, tourism and hospitality as a highly networked industry with strong interdependent connections.

  • We connect open minded people from three generations from five continents.

  • We bring together the public and the private sector.

  • We close the gap between academia and industry.

  • We let all the players become one voice.

Our Values



We have confidence in each other and believe in the benefit of working together.


We walk the talk and turn words into actions.


We respect different opinions and are convinced that an open discussion will bring new perspectives and better solutions. 


We strive for innovation and are therefore ready to engage.