World Tourism Forum Lucerne takes a lead on diversity

Aradhana Khowala, Member of Advisory Board and Steering Committee, WTFL

(23 AUgust 2018)

Diversity is a key pillar at World Tourism Forum Lucerne and it is our aim and mission to strive to create an environment that helps organisations and leaders in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry capitalise on the diversity of its people and in turn help our industry build a more diverse and inclusive organization.

More tourism and hospitality brands are discovering the value of diverse workforce but we also know that diversity gains will not be sustained unless we all do our part to encourage new and different perspectives, solutions and innovative ideas to surface from all our employees.

We already know that diversity has a positive impact on financials, increases your potential talent pool, brings in a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences and can be key to an organization’s success. For our industry in specific, diversity often mirrors our customer and client bases. Hence, internal diversity can help you better understand your customers and their purchasing and usage decisions. In a dedicated effort to progress the discussion on diversity, understand the challenges and issues facing organizations & communities globally, we at World Tourism Forum Lucerne are looking at efforts to provide and maintain platforms to have more and more conversations about diversity and inclusion. By encouraging an ongoing dialogue, we hope to build trust, encourage compassion and open-mindedness, and reinforce our commitment to a culture of diversity in our industry.