Think Tank

The World Tourism Forum Lucerne Think Tank is a highly focused, top-level strategic body which allows leaders from around the world to reflect on the bigger challenges faced by the tourism industry. 

The Think Tank takes place on a yearly basis with the purpose of intensively exploring one single topic which is of strategic importance and as a result, advancing the defined strategy. 

By embracing the value of diverse opinions and bringing together different groups of individuals from within and outside the industry, including ministers, CEOs and academia, the Think Tank provides the perfect opportunity within which to incubate new perspectives, grow fresh ideas and form new collaborations which will engage and build a stronger tourism industry.  

The small size, the quality of participants, and the informality make the World Tourism Forum Lucerne Think Tank unique.

WTFL Think Tank Community 2017

The Think Tank in Lucerne aims to provide strong leadership to the tourism and travel industry through best practice and knowledge sharing. Working together responsibly and sharing ideas and solutions are the only way to secure a sustainable and prosperous future to the industry in a global context.
— Eduardo Santander, Executive Director European Travel Commission