Tourism Star award

Nominations are open to any individual in any organisation anywhere in the world. Potential candidates don’t necessarily need to have an academic title or qualification or fall within a certain age bracket. No matter how big or small your efforts, how long or short your degrees, if you have an inspiring, enduring, and passionate tourism story to tell then we want to hear it! 

We have a rigorous judging process in place and also have lined up the best partners in the industry to help us get the word out. We just need to hear from you but more than that we want to showcase your story so it serves as an example to inspire others. 

It is simple and easy to apply for the Tourism Star Award. Go on tell us your story - the world needs to know it and we need more stars like you! 

Deadline for submissions: 11 December 2016


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Video about you and your passion

The shortlisted candidates will be informed via e-mail of their selection to round two. 

The second round will require the candidates to create a short two minute video showcasing their passion and committment. The video should ideally share why they and their journey is unique.