Past Events

World tourism forum lucerne 2017

4-5 May 2017 Lucerne, Switzerland

500 participants from over 75 countries gathered for the 5th World Tourism Forum Lucerne in Lucerne, Switzerland. Under the topic "Stay relevant in uncertain times" the Forum focused on how to stay successful in the face of changes and challenges in today's often turbulent times.

Have a look at the Highlights of World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2017!

Think Tank 2017.jpg

Think Tank 

3 may 2017, Villa st charles hall lucerne

60 selected CEOs, Ministers, Investors and Experts gathered for the 5th WTFL Think Tank at the majestic Villa St Charles Hall in Meggen, Lucerne and devoted themselves to the most important questions for tourism. The brainstorming event, orchestrated by world-renowned experience engineer David Pearl, was a new departure for the Forum, injecting fresh creativity to the debate, where participants from the travel industry, academia, government, investment and other areas interacted closely.

Start-Up Innovation Camp 2017

3 May 2017 Lucerne, Switzerland

16 Start-Ups from 12 different countries joined the Start-Up Innovation Camp 2017. Apart from pitching their business models to investors and the jury, they received valuable inputs from experts and had the unique opportunity to meet CEOs, Ministers and Business Leaders at World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2017. 

Have a look at our four Start-Up winners




After undergoing a rigorous selection process, nine students from Australia, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, Canada, Indonesia, Macedonia and Switzerland were selected as the winners of the Young Talent Programme 2017. On 3 May 2017 they were coached by our Young Talent sponsor Korn Ferry to get prepared for the professional future. 

The best three students were celebrated at the Cocktail Dinner on 4 May 2017!

Next Generation Day 

3 May 2017 Zurich, Switzerland 

Young employees with high career potential – the Next Generation – accompanied their CEOs to the World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2017. One day before the official opening of the Forum, our Next Generations were invited by our partner Deutsche Hospitality to attend a full day workshop about the topic "Coopetition". 

Each participant submitted a paper about Coopetition embedded in their professional environment. Have a look at the three Next Generations winners 2017!


14 April 2016 Sao Paulo, Brazil

The 2nd WTFL Talent Boost took place in São Paulo on 14 April 2016 alongside our partner university, Universidade de São Paulo.

On this day, Talent Management experts, government officials and academia came together to discuss the trends affecting talent management and develop an effective action plan to tackle the challenges faced. Find more information about the platform here.

World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2015

23-24 April 2015 Lucerne, Switzerland

World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2015 was a great success, with over 450 CEOs, industry leaders and experts coming from sixty-five different nationalities. Learn more about the Forum 2015 and delve into the topic ‘Talents, Innovation & Sustainable Development: Walk the Talk!’ by watching this video.


World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2013

18-19 April 2013 Lucerne, Switzerland

The 3rd World Tourism Forum Lucerne attracted executives, leaders and experts from the private and public sector. In plenary sessions, workshops, panel discussions, a world café and networking breaks, the participants discussed future challenges and strategies of the tourism industry focusing on the topics Global Shift, Green Growth, Talents and New Marketing.



With the topic ‘Drivers of Success for Emerging Destinations’, Azerbaijan was the ideal location to host the World Tourism Forum Lucerne Think Tank in 2016.

Participants included Taleb Rifai (Secretary General of UNWTO), Gerald Lawless (Chairman elect of WTTC) and Isabel Hill (Director U.S Department of Commerce). Learn more about the presentations and the outcomes here.

Think Tank 2015


In 2015, a unique gathering of global players and market leaders including UNWTO, Google, Tripadvisor and Europcar took an in-depth look at the biggest factors changing the rules of the game within the travel, tourism & hospitality industry. Read the summary here.

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