Next Generation Competition 

When it comes to the development and design of our industry, the World Tourism Forum Lucerne prioritizes the integration of all generations. This includes a strong focus on the young people who have already started their careers within the industry. 

These young employees with high career potential – the Next Generation – will be given the chance to accompany their CEOs in order to exchange ideas and discuss the challenges of the future with leaders in the tourism industry. 

We strongly believe in the concepts of incentives and mentorship. Those CEOs and managers who actively encourage their successors contribute considerably to the sustainable and successful development of our industry.

WINNER OF the next generation competition 2017



Next Generation Competition 2017

The Next Generation Competition invited tomorrow's leaders to submit an original and innovative concept that will have lasting impact on our industry. The topic of the competition 2017 was "Coopetition", the necessity to cooperate in competitive markets to be successful. A renowned jury has chosen the best concept and awarded the winner of the Next Generation Competition at the Kitchen Party on 3 May 2017.

As a part of the Next Generation I cannot imagine a better Forum to gain deep insight into the industry than this one.
— Darren Leow, Manager, Exhibitions & Conferences Singapore Tourism Board

Next Generation Partner 2017